What is Georgia NCORP?

Georgia NCORP is the Georgia NCI Community Oncology Research Program. Georgia NCORP provides Georgians with access to state-of-the-art cancer prevention, screening, control, treatment and post-treatment trials, with over 100 oncology clinical providers in 41 different locations throughout the state, as well as the clinical trial leadership and research services of Georgia CORE.

What are the benefits of the program?

The primary goal of the community Georgia NCORP is to increase access and accrual to cancer research to Georgians at risk or with a diagnosis of cancer in their own communities.

Georgia NCORP has a statewide network to improve quality cancer care in Georgia through increased cancer research availability in local communities, identification of best practice strategies for research accruals, and increased capacity and expertise for cancer research statewide.

How is Georgia NCORP involved in local communities?

With over 100 oncology clinical providers in 41 locations throughout the state, the Georgia NCORP partnership is poised to provide more Georgia residents living in both urban and rural areas with improved access to an expanded portfolio of state-of-the-art cancer prevention control screening, treatment, and post-treatment clinical trials, as well as cancer care delivery research. This community-based approach has the potential to remove barriers to accessing care, reduced cancer risk and incidence, and improve cancer care outcomes in Georgia.