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 Jun 03, 2021

GA NCORP Research Connections - Quarter 1, Year 7

Welcome to Year 7!!! As of 8/3, we have officially received our Notice of Award and have been funded to continue supporting our efforts. As we close out our 6th year of the GA NCORP grant, we would like to highlight some of the major accomplishments. Kudos to the team for a remarkable first half of the year! Due to the hard work and consistent efforts put forth, the second half of the year, although challenging, allowed GA NCORP to finish strong. NCORP Quarterly News - new version

 Jun 03, 2021

GA NCORP Research Connections - Quarter 2, Year 7

COVID-19 has been a major concern for most of 2020. In an effort to advance their cancer research, NCI is funding research to examine the effects of COVID-19 in cancer patients. We are proud to announce that GA NCORP is currently participating in the NCI COVID study. ( NCORP Quarterly News - new version volume 1 - issue 2 - Final v.2.pdf

 Jun 03, 2021

GA NCORP Research Connections - Quarter 3, Year 7

Dr. W. Edward Richards It is with great sadness and our deepest heartfelt regret, that we announce the passing of GA NCORP’s Executive Committee member and the Medical Director of the Nancy N. and J.C. Lewis Cancer & Research Pavilion, Dr. W. Edward Richards. Dr. Richards passed away suddenly on Saturday, February 6, 2021, leaving behind his wife, three daughters, four grandchildren, as well as his mother. His dedication and commitment will be missed. Below you will find the link to his obituary. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be sent to: St. Joseph’s/Candler Foundations - Advancements in Cancer Care Fund. NCORP Quarterly News - new version volume 1 - issue 3 - Final.pdf

 Oct 11, 2019

GA NCORP Research Connections Volume 5

Notes from the PIs We are pleased to announce that on behalf of GA NCORP, Northside Hospital has been awarded the National Cancer Institute Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP) renewal grant for nearly $11 million in projected cancer research funding over the next 6 years (8/1/19-7/31/25). Georgia NCORP is one of only 32 Community Sites selected to receive cancer research funding from the NCI for the next six years, and it is one of only 10 NCORP networks to receive High Performance” status from the NCI. Your support, guidance, and clinical expertise were critical during our previous grant term and will continue to be key to a successful program. Connections Vol5 d3.pdf

 Jan 01, 2019

GA NCORP Research Connections - Volume 4 Fall 2018

Year four of GA NCORP continues strong, leveraging the strong infrastructure and communication platform established during the first three years of the program. Thanks to member feedback, continuous performance review, and team guidance, we continue our strong focus on adhering to the program aims. GA NCORP provides access to clinical trials for a geographically and socioeconomically diverse patient population in varied community delivery settings. 8bccecf6-d1b1-488d-9c07-fc95d791e571.pdf

 Jun 21, 2017

GA NCORP Research Connections - Volume 3 Spring 2017

Note from the PIs This year we are off to another exciting start for the GA NCORP network that follows on the heels of an extraordinarily accomplished 2016. In late 2016, TMIST was approved for funding, and the trial is expected to open mid-2017. The NCI-MATCH screening trial (EAY131), closed in May of this year and SWOG S1404 will be closing summer 2017 with first data to be analyzed in the fall. GA NCORP is continuing with immunotherapy NCI initiative and continues to accrue patients for the E1609 and EA6141 trials. GA NCORP’s current portfolio comprises 83 clinical trials that are active and accruing. In the first and second years combined, NCORP at the national level accrued 7,527 patients to NCORP trials (including enrollment to quality-of-life sub-studies for treatment trials); and 6,742 patients were accrued to NCTN trials. We have also observed positive trends in investigator participation and accruals. The number of rostered investigators accruing at least one patient to an

 Mar 28, 2016

Georgia NCORP Research Connections - Volume 2 - Winter 2016

Note from the PIs This year is off to an exciting start for the Georgia NCORP network, and follows on the heels of an extraordinarily accomplished 2015. In early February 2016, we were informed that our application for SWOG membership was approved. Membership with SWOG will provide Georgia NCORP investigators and patients expanded access to clinical trials and cancer care delivery studies, as well as opportunities to contribute to the development of studies through committee and group meeting participation. Membership in SWOG is a great honor and will enhance GA NCORP’s members’ ability to provide patients the very best in clinical research opportunities.

 May 01, 2015

Research Connections Volume 1

In this issue you will learn about the NCORP program, the aims of the GA NCORP initiative, and the achievements to date of our efforts. Highlights of the five NCI high-priority trials for patients with lung and breast cancers, solid tumors and lymphoma, and patients who have been exceptional responders in previous NCI clinical trials are reviewed. Should you have any patients who would benefit from access to these trials, please contact the GA NCORP site principal investigator closest to you for more information.