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 Aug 18, 2015

NCI-MATCH Precision Medicine Cancer Trial Opens

NCI-MATCH, the largest, most scientifically rigorous precision medicine trial in cancer to date, is now opening at cancer centers and community hospitals across the country...

 Aug 14, 2015

Why clinical trial recruitment is so hard, and one solution: Patient education

Clinical trials are the lifeblood of the life sciences industry – yet less than 5 percent of adult cancer patients will pursue experimental therapies. The biggest reason for this? Fear...

 Aug 13, 2015

National Cancer Institute NCI-Match Clinical Trials Are Now Open

National Cancer Institute-Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice, known as NCI-MATCH or study EAY131, is a phase II precision medicine trial that seeks to determine whether matching certain drugs or drug combinations in adults whose tumors have specific gene abnormalities will effectively treat their cancer, regardless of their cancer type.

 Aug 11, 2015

Minority Clinical Trial Participation Reveals Historical, Social Issues

Minority populations in the United States are at a greater risk of developing certain diseases like cancer, hypertension and other chronic illnesses. Yet these populations are commonly underrepresented in clinical trials...