Date / Time

2/08/2020 -
08:00 AM - 03:45 PM


Hotel at Avalon, Alpharetta, Georgia
9000 Avalon Blvd
Alpharetta, GA

Event Details

Symposium Overview

We invite you to join us for a one-day continuing education program that will focus on current approaches to integrating and applying precision medicine into
managing patients with melanoma, hematologic malignancies, and gastrointestinal cancers. Precision medicine, also known as personalized or individualized medicine, has been a long-standing dream for cancer patients and doctors. The last decade has brought amazing progress on this front. Thanks to the advent of precision medicine and the growing list of targeted therapies that have revolutionized the management of liquid and solid tumors, doctors can now rationally select treatments for cancer patients.

With progress in precision oncology comes complexity of patient care. Identification and validation of actionable targets and their variants, understanding post-target intracellular signaling pathway, selection of optimal targeted agent for first-line treatment, complexity of characterizing mechanisms of cancer cell resistance, and selection of alternative targeted agents to be used in second-line treatment and beyond, are just a few of the intricacies presented by precision medicine.

The Atlanta Precision Oncology Symposium (APOS) is designed to present the complexities of oncology precision medicine in an organized, simplified, friendly
fashion, so that they can be understood and properly applied to clinical medicine. Experts in the fields of melanoma, hematology, and gastrointestinal cancers will share the latest precision medicine advances and strategies for practical integration into the clinic.

The program will be of interest to those practicing in the context of academia, as well as those in the community oncology environment. Practitioners attending APOS will emerge from the program updated on recent data and armed with new tools to help them integrate precision medicine approaches into their daily clinical practice.

This meeting has been planned and will be implemented in accordance with the Essential Areas and Policies of the ACCME. CME, CNE, and pharmacy credit will also be offered.