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TAPUR: Testing the Use of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Approved Drugs That Target a Specific Abnormality in a Tumor Gene in People With Advanced Stage Cancer

Cancer Type
Multiple Myeloma
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
Plasma cell neoplasm
Trial Phase
Phase II
12 Years and older, Male and Female
Study Type
Protocol IDs
Pro00014171 (primary)
Study Sponsor
American Society of Clinical Oncology


The purpose of the study is to learn from the real world practice of prescribing targeted
therapies to patients with advanced cancer whose tumor harbors a genomic variant known to
be a drug target or to predict sensitivity to a drug.

NOTE: Due to character limits, the arms section does NOT include all TAPUR Study relevant
biomarkers. For additional information, contact, or if a patient, your
nearest participating TAPUR site (see participating centers).


Results in publication or poster presentation format are posted as they become available
for individual cohorts at The results may be accessed at any time.
All results will be made available on at the end of the study.
Indexing of available results on PubMed is in progress.



The Targeted Agent and Profiling Utilization Registry (TAPUR) Study is a non-randomized
clinical trial that aims to describe the safety and efficacy of commercially available,
targeted anticancer drugs prescribed for treatment of patients with advanced cancer that
has a potentially actionable genomic variant. TAPUR will study Food and Drug
Administration (FDA)-approved targeted therapies that are contributed by collaborating
pharmaceutical companies, catalogue the choice of molecular profiling test by clinical
oncologists and develop hypotheses for additional clinical trials.